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A visual novel on the PC that explores the roles we play for those around us and the intimacy of truly knowing someone beneath their surface projections. The narrative focuses on uncovering the true personalities that characters are hiding behind these social masks, fracturing them under the care of the player. Curtain Call addresses modern societal expectations and pressures, as well as the courage and strength it takes to break through them.

Curtain Call is available for FREE on Steam!



Curtain Call is a visual novel focused on getting to know three characters: Arjun, Billie, and Jodie. By going on dates and having conversations with them, players will explore the people behind the masks-literally, and ultimately discover what lies beyond their societal projections.

Cracking the masks takes careful intention. Players must learn and truly understand who these characters are in order to make correct dialogue choices, gain their trust, and crack their masks.

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